Microsoft’s HoloLens shown playing Halo 5

what is Microsoft HololLens?

HoloLens is essentially a holographic computer built into a headset that lets you see, hear and interact with holograms within an environment such as a living room or an office space.hololens-5-638.jpg16x9-hololens.jpgMicrosoft’s HoloLens could have greater gaming potential than we thought, with a new video showing Halo 5 being streamed from an Xbox One to the still in-development headset.

Project manager Varun Mani posted a clip to his YouTube channel, showing him seamlessly transitioning from playing the game on a conventional TV to the virtual screen that HoloLens can “mount” onto walls in the real world.

Mani shows how the HoloLens can be used to position a high-def remote screen in the player’s field of vision, and use its eye-tracking and gesture controls to resize and reorient the image. It’s likely that the game was streaming over a local WiFi network rather than over the internet, as the action looks smooth on the HoloLens’ screen.

Ultimately, streaming to HoloLens is still a conventional Haloexperience — a first-person shooter viewed through a 2D plane, but it’s undeniably a cool way to play the game.HaloLens4.jpg

It’s also a very early test of the technology, and more exciting things could come from it. Just providing a second screen for when the family TV is occupied, without having to own a second bulky TV, could be of great use.

Although Microsoft showed off HoloLens at E3 2015 with a Minecraft demo, its two main showcases have focused less on gaming and more on how it would be used in academic or professional scenarios. Mani’s clip, though brief, shows the helmet may yet have appeal to gamers.


Game Inspiration

Games that have inspired me for my 2.5D

For the environment and wildlife.


A First Person Shooter that is sent in the future on a alien sci-fi planet. a group of space pirates get lost and crash on the planet and have to find a way off by fighting monsters and insane armies.




A First Person Shooter that is sent in the future on multiple alien sci-fi planet. a group of monster hunter are sent to hunt down a huge beast that is killing and destroying human colonies.


The problem with these games is that they all seem to have the same story plot but with different settings, characters and timing. even tho i enjoy these types of games i find that after playing them for a long time they can mash in to one and you can lose interest in what is happening.

when i make my game i am going to try not to follow the pattern of most sci-fi 1st person shooters and try make my game feel different but as this is the only type of sci-fi i know i will most likely swerve in to that direction.

Robotic and sci-fi

For my game i am making my main character a robot. a recent game that i have been playing is fallout 4. In fallout 4 it is based in a post apocalyptic, sci-fi, 50s style (a style of sci-fi and 50s put together). In the game you’ll come across all different types of robots and machines.


Games such as fallout are good when it comes to sci-fi and robotic as its a possible future that could happen with a nuclear war and advancements of technology, however being set in a world that is stuck in an advanced 50s style is highly unlikely and the fact that the robotics live after a nuclear war and then turn on people is also near impossible.