My Plot, characters, environments and objectives.

Hero- Richard knight a knight who is wrongly in prison for the kidnapping of the princess

villain- the evil wizard that is jealous of Richard so kidnaps the princess to force her to marry him

prize- the princess who is in love with Richard

owner of prize- the king who is lead to believe that Richard kidnapped the princess

helper-the village hunch back who knows the evil of the wizard and helps Richard get his princess back


my story is about a knight named Richard Knight who is deeply in love with the princess of the kingdom everything is happy till one day a jealous wizard finds a way to frame Richard making the kingdom that once loved him now hates him and wants him dead the king however believes keeping him alive means finding the princess sooner

the hunch back once was partners with the evil wizard helping him with all his evil plans, now that the wizard finally has what he wants he kicks the hunch back out in fear that he will tell the kingdom what happened, the sad lonely hunch back had the idea of helping Richard to get the princess so he can get his master the evil wizard to take him in again.

the hunchback gives Richard a lock pick in hopes that he knows how to use it. lucky Richard does and he breaks free, Richard now has to find away out of the castle without any seeing him he has an idea of dressing as kitchen staff to sneak his way through the kitchen and through the ball room keeping out of sight from the king

once Richard reaches outside he has to sneak his way through the town to the woods where the wizards evil tower is buying new armour and weapons along the way once he reaches the woods he has to find the secrets to finding the tower

after finding the tower Richard will have to enter it and climb to the top to ether turn the wizard in and leave the hunch back masterless or take the princess home and leaving the hunch back in her place.



the kingdom

the kingdom is called snowcliffton this is because it snows 10 months a year and as the kingdom was build in the middle of a natural bottle neck it is surrounded by cliffs and mountains this means the people that live there are big and plumpy to keep them warm. farming is also hard to do in these parts so most meals are meat.

the castle

The castle sapphire was built in to the cliffs this makes it bigger on the inside than what it looks on the outside being the 2nd tallest building in the kingdom this castle can be seen from miles.

the dungeon

the dungeon is hidden deep under the castle in the biggest mountain this cause it all to be misshaped and wet due to the snow melting and leaking through the cracks being so far and cut off from the kingdom above the dungeons are great homes for creatures that arent wanted anywhere else.

the woods

the woods and a mix of white brown and green being so large and dense right outside the kingdom if you was to go of the beaten track you will no doubt get lost.

the wizards tower

the wizards tower is the tallest building in the kingdom how ever it is hidden deep in the woods and will only reveal itself to those who know the ways of the dark magic.

objective and goals

the object and over all goal is for you to get out of the castle and to the evils wizards tower to save the princess and clear your name. how ever on the way you’ll need to find the keys uniforms and foods to satisfy the needs of the village doing so will not only make live easy for you but will unlock useful rewards to use when facing the evil wizard.


this is what i hope to achieve for my graphic narrative how ever i believe i will have to shorten this due to time.



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