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Homemade textures and normal maps

For my point and click adventure i wanted to make my own textures and normals using photoshop.

cobblestone floor-1

stone brick wall

cobblestone floor-2

stone-textureswooden planks-1

wooden planks-2

Tree barkwooden-textures



mossy stonemixed-textures

red fur/hair

dark tanned leather

skintextures fur dark leather skin.png

Goldtextures gold.png

Bread crust



Camera swapping

for the camera swapping when leaving and moving around a room i used a simple blueprint. when the player actor hits or overlaps a trigger box it will switch or blend to the camera partnered to that trigger box.

for the 1st camera however i made it so when the game is played (event begin play) the view is set to the 1st camera which is placed in the cell this camera can also be triggered like the rest afterwards by overlapping or hitting the trigger box in the room.


For this year i was asked to make a point and click interactive narrative game where the player has to work out puzzles and dialogue to get to the end goal.

for my point and click i am gonna do a fantasy style game in a simple fat head look. you play as a knight who has been wrongly imprisoned by a evil wizard who has kidnapped the princess. everyone thinks that you have kidnapped her and will not listen to the truth so it is your job to break out of prison and find away to save the princess and clear your name.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 14.12.22.png

all my characters will be based off this basic mesh made in cinema 4D i will be changing the skins and heads to make multiple characters.