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Digital Culture Essay

i have had to post this as a PDF as it is 7 pages long and has images placed within the texts.

Sci-fi Digital Culture essay


looking in to freelance

Freelance Games Designer Maintaining Workflow


  1. Selling yourself

To be able to work freelance you will 1st need to sell yourself to the market you wish to work on, for me I wish to be a games artist or designer. For any freelance jobs you will need a good CV, this is one of the 1st steps towards any job, in your CV you will need to describe yourself, show what experience and skills you have by showing what jobs you have done before and/or education in the field.


As well as a CV it’s a good idea to make a portfolios and e-portfolios so you will be able to display your drawings, models, animations, your work on/with games and other game design documents.

Your employer will always ask to see both of these files


  1. Finding work

In freelance you are the one who needs to find your jobs where as if you wasn’t working freelance you will always have work. Finding work in freelance is important and is also like a betting games as you will be against 100s of other people trying to get the job that your after.

Because we all want a good income you will need your job list to be endless, although freelance jobs can pay more than non-freelance

A few tips on finding work are:


Building a unique CV for each job you apply for.

If you make unique CVs for each job you apply for, you will be able to tailor each one to show off the skills that the employer is looking for, for example, if the job requires you to have a good knowledge of gaming then you could write a brief description of what you know. Therefore telling the employer that you are good for the job.




Using recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are companies that are able to help you look for work by taking your CV, portfolio and other information and making it available for employers. But in some cases you do need to pay for some recruitment agencies.




Print Media

Remember newspapers and magazines? Well some companies still advertise in them for freelancers, it’s always best to grab a few printed media products and have a look through them. Magazines such as Edge or Graphic designs sometimes advertise jobs in them for freelancers.



Freelancing is just like running your own business so its important to advertise yourself. Ways of doing this are things like social media or merchandise. Using website like Facebook or Twitter to make a fan or business page is a great way to market yourself, with these you would be able to update your audience with your latest work and portfolios.

Another great way to advertise yourself is by making videos for YouTube, you could make shorts or reels to show off your skills, and update videos to keep the world updated. As well you could make your own business website and connect all your social media with it.


Keeping contacts

Keep every contact you get be it a business card or past employers as you could contact them for jobs if your short. You maybe able to form a relationship with the business and become top of their list for freelance.



  1. Expos and fairs

The game industry has 100s of expos each year with these expos business promote themselves by showing off their work. In some expos some business set up places to meet freelancers.

If you have enough money and the skills you could be able to get up on stage and promote yourself, if not you could just check the floor out and ask business.

Sci-fi in media

What is Sci-fi?

Science fiction is a genre of fiction dealing with imaginative concepts such as futuristic settings, futuristic science and technology, space travel, time travel, faster than light travel, parallel universes and extraterrestrial life. Science fiction often explores the potential consequences of scientific and other innovations.

Sci-fi sub genres.


Time travel

alternate history

Millitary Sci-fi


apocalyptic and post

space opera

space western

social sci-fi

climate fiction


When did sci-fi start?

the 1st sci-fi text that has been discovered was sumerian and gilgamesh which are stories about gods dating back to 2150 BC

some say that science fiction was onky made possible sometime between the 17th and 19th centuries because of the scientific revolution, huge discoveries in astronomy, physics and mathematics

Science fiction exploded in the 20th century as technology, science and inventions in daily life encouraged a greater interest in to the future.

What makes sci-fi?

Science fiction is a genre of fiction which often tells stories about science and technology often of the future.

Science fiction has a relationship with the principles of science so the stories told are partially true and based of fact.

The colours of sci-fi

Hollywood pretty much has two modes: Bleak, grimy collapse and sterile, shiny futurity.

The primary colours of the future, according to modern cinema, are blue, brown, and creepy.

here are colour palettes of sci-fi where someone has taken every frame from a movie and squeezed it all together to show the colours. (moviebarcodes)







Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Star Wars


As you can see its all blues, browns and blacks.

The sounds of sci-fi

deep space, rockets, technology, war, space fights

music: electronic, gothic

Popularity of sci-fi

Sci-fi is one of the most popular genre of games and film as it pushes the bounds of imagination and shows things people may not have ever seen before. Sci-fi is also slightly based on truth from advancement of technology showing the audience what could happen.

Audiences of sci-fi

The type of people that normally like sci-fi are people classed as “nerds” or “geeks”as well they audiences of sci-fi are people with creative imaginations. Age wise sci-fi is liked by many ages mostly a younger audience as they have a bigger imagination but as of late sci-fi has been taking a more horror move which is bring in the older audiences.

Top sci-fi games

1.Halo 3

2.Mass effect 2

3.Halo reach

4. starcarft

5.Mass effect 3

from Sam Heard 2015

20 Greatest Sci-Fi Video Games Of All-Time

these are based on sales.

Top sci-fi films

1.2001:A Space Odyssey

2.Blade Runner


4. Close Encounters ofthe Third Kind

5. Aliens

By Cath Clarke, Dave Calhoun and Tom Huddleston 2015

based on ticket sales.

How sci-fi has effected the world

Things such as Ipads, tablets, holograms, smart phones, smart watches, computers, AI, Robotics, Space travel and some advancements in science and medicine have been inspired or taken from sci-fi films and TV shows. A lot of apples advancements were inspired by the early star trek series.

Narrative of sci-fi.

sci-fi is mostly linked with the future and future tech but there is some movies, books and games they are set far in the past such as star wars and partly Jurassic park.