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making my pick ups pick upable

To make my Pick ups i made a 3D model in cinema 4D and saved it as an FBX then i imported it in to the unreal engine as a mesh. i then made a new actor and placed my mesh as the actor after resizing it. i added a point light to make the gem glow and a rotation so it would spin in place.

i added a “when actor overlap” event followed by a destroy actor and a spawn emitter and spawn sound at location but to do that i had to get the actors location with the node “get actor location”

to make the gem add up to a point to the score i had to make an integer for the pick ups then i had to set up for when the sidescroller character overlaps the gem the gem gets added to the score thought the integer. Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 19.42.53.png







Mr Tommy White

3 pathfeilds close, Totnes



D.O.B 17/11/1995




As a university student who has just started a games design course in South Devon College university centre (in partnership with Plymouth university) i am looking to secure a position in games.i9 have been working towards this goal since I had left school. During my working experience as an office hand i worked with computer software that will help towards working in the media.




CO-OP, Totnes Devon

Shop assistant                                                                        August 2013 – November 2013

During my time with the CO-OP Group i learned how to speak to groups, work with others, time management and organisations.


Dartmouth Academy, Dartmouth Devon

Office hand                                                                            August 2010 – September 2010

During this work experience i learned how to use computer software and how to maintain and repair computers.



South Devon college                                                             Awarded August 2015

Creative media production(QFC)

Triple grade pass pass pass

Extended Diploma


South Devon college                                                             Awarded July 2014

Creative media production (QCF)

Double grade pass pass

BTEC level 3 90-Credit Diploma


Dartmouth Academy AQA                                                          August 2011 – August 2012

Art and design C



Dartmouth Academy WJEC                                                       August 2011 – August 2012

Home Economics C



Dartmouth Academy AQA                                                          August 2010 – August 2011

Media Studies D



Dartmouth Academy AQA                                                          August 2010 – August 2011

Design and Technolgoy D



Dartmouth Academy EDEXCEL                                                 August 2010 – August 2012

Award Dig Apps PASS



Dartmouth Academy AQA                                                          August 2010 – August 2012

English Language D



Dartmouth Academy EDEXCEL                                                 August 2010 – August 2012

Cert Dig Apps PASS



Dartmouth Academy AQA                                                          August 2010 – August 2012

Maths C



Dartmouth Academy BTEC                                                        August 2010 – August 2012

Applied Science MERIT





As someone who enjoys all aspects of media most of my hobbies and interests are based around that, i test games and write reviews on the games tested, i also like to draw and write short stories when i have time.



Available on request

4 things i have inproved on

3D modeling.

before starting this course i did a interactive media college course in which i learnt the basics in 3D modeling when starting this course i started looking in to the more advanced modeling techniques and learning new 3D modeling software such as Maya and zbrush.

3D animation
again during the iterative course i learnt the basics of 3D animation which was letter the 3D software do all the work, now i have learnt have to do it myself using things such as frame by frame, rigging, mocap and bone movements although i used a site/software called called mixamo which auto rigs and lets you choose an animation this software is alot easier to use than the old one and produces smooth animations

unreal engine

before this course i had only looked at video on the unreal engine but now i have learnt how to actually use it make a game, animation, worlds and all sorts which i had never known before.

UV mapping and texturing

i have learnt how to make uv maps which then makes it easier to add textures to 3D models the way i make uv maps is different from how others make them as i colour the model using 3D body paint i colour each part a different colour then move the coloured UV map in to photoshop to add the more detailed textures.



looking in to freelance

Freelance Games Designer Maintaining Workflow


  1. Selling yourself

To be able to work freelance you will 1st need to sell yourself to the market you wish to work on, for me I wish to be a games artist or designer. For any freelance jobs you will need a good CV, this is one of the 1st steps towards any job, in your CV you will need to describe yourself, show what experience and skills you have by showing what jobs you have done before and/or education in the field.


As well as a CV it’s a good idea to make a portfolios and e-portfolios so you will be able to display your drawings, models, animations, your work on/with games and other game design documents.

Your employer will always ask to see both of these files


  1. Finding work

In freelance you are the one who needs to find your jobs where as if you wasn’t working freelance you will always have work. Finding work in freelance is important and is also like a betting games as you will be against 100s of other people trying to get the job that your after.

Because we all want a good income you will need your job list to be endless, although freelance jobs can pay more than non-freelance

A few tips on finding work are:


Building a unique CV for each job you apply for.

If you make unique CVs for each job you apply for, you will be able to tailor each one to show off the skills that the employer is looking for, for example, if the job requires you to have a good knowledge of gaming then you could write a brief description of what you know. Therefore telling the employer that you are good for the job.




Using recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are companies that are able to help you look for work by taking your CV, portfolio and other information and making it available for employers. But in some cases you do need to pay for some recruitment agencies.




Print Media

Remember newspapers and magazines? Well some companies still advertise in them for freelancers, it’s always best to grab a few printed media products and have a look through them. Magazines such as Edge or Graphic designs sometimes advertise jobs in them for freelancers.



Freelancing is just like running your own business so its important to advertise yourself. Ways of doing this are things like social media or merchandise. Using website like Facebook or Twitter to make a fan or business page is a great way to market yourself, with these you would be able to update your audience with your latest work and portfolios.

Another great way to advertise yourself is by making videos for YouTube, you could make shorts or reels to show off your skills, and update videos to keep the world updated. As well you could make your own business website and connect all your social media with it.


Keeping contacts

Keep every contact you get be it a business card or past employers as you could contact them for jobs if your short. You maybe able to form a relationship with the business and become top of their list for freelance.



  1. Expos and fairs

The game industry has 100s of expos each year with these expos business promote themselves by showing off their work. In some expos some business set up places to meet freelancers.

If you have enough money and the skills you could be able to get up on stage and promote yourself, if not you could just check the floor out and ask business.

Resources needed for games design.

Resources need for games design.

  1. Computer

You will need a good enough computer capable of running all the software at a reasonable speed as well as being able to run multiple software at one time. You may also need to find a screen that is in full HD to get the full effect.

Apple Macs are used a lot in games design as they can handle all that is needed for the designers, you can however get Professional PCs and laptops which have all that is needed to run everything.

The website Origin has good PCs and laptops for designers and gamers but it is in US dollars.


  1. Animating and 3d software

Now you have the computer you need the software. The best animating and 3d modeling software I found was cinema 4D but you need to pay for the full versions. There are plenty of different 3D design software such as Blender which is free and used among some game companies.

Cinema 4D :

Blender :


  1. A photo editing software

You will need a photo editing software for things such as textures and different kind of texture maps. Photoshop is the best for this as it is loaded with different types of flitters and effects to make endless amounts of textures. Again you will need to pay for this software but if you don’t want to pay you can always use a software called GIMP don’t let the name fool you as this software is just like Photoshop minus a few special abilities