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Sound bank

To get my sounds i went out and recorded some sounds around the college, i then used logic pro x to edit them.

for most my sounds i used the equaliser to remove most the back ground sound.

Capture sound. will be played when he is captured by guards (made by word of mouth)

creeks 1,2 and 3 used for doors and random sounds (made by leaning on a chair)

lockpick. sound plays at the beginning when you leave your cell (made by jiggling keys)

mouse/mice sound played in the dungeon and kitchen (made by using my mouth)

snoors sound plays on the 1st level when you walk near the sleeping guard. (made by word of mouth)

water drops sound plays as random sounds in the dungeon (made by dripping water on to the floor)

Wind sound plays in both dungeon and castle levels (made by recording the wind)


i have 2 music tracks that i made using the logic pro instruments i had a bit of help setting the tone and beat unfortunately i wasn’t able to use these soundtracks in my final graphic narrative.

Castle- this piece of music was going to be used in the 2nd level it was made to sound like a medieval band was playing at a party using instruments such as lute, harp and flutes.

dungeon- this piece was going to be played on the 1st level i took inspiration from games like skyrim and fable where they have a slow chant in them.