The coding and evaluation

i used the unreal engine 4.14.1 to make my game, cinema 4d to make characters and assets, photoshop to make the textures and logic for the sounds

in my game i had an objective system with was a verbal that was binded to a text box in the top left corner of the screen.

changing the objective.png

here is how i changed the objective i placed the verbal in the topdown character so i had to reference that each time i wanted to change the text this was ok as mostly the pick ups changed the text so it was always referencing to the top down character to change the text it was as simple as adding new text in to the verbal.

picking up key slot in inv.png

for my game i made a 5 space inventory this was made up of 5 slots using widgets each time you would pick up an item this blue print above will check each slot to see if its empty if slot 1 isnt empty it will check slot 2 if thats not empty it will check slot 3 and so on and on if the slot is free the slot will change to an image of the item.

Openning door after key.png this blue print detects if the player has the right key this is done with boolean then ran through a true or false node is true the door will open and the player will be teleported outside i had to use a teleport because when the door opens it spawns new collisions and the player cant step through once the player has been teleported a little loading screen will play to cover it up then the objective will change.

opening level door.png much like the other door this door opens when the player has the right key if the player does not have the key a message will pop up to say so once the player has the key another loading screen will pop up and open a new level and change the objective.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 15.03.03.png

to make my sounds i used stuff i recored and edited in logic i then moved them in and used random, delay and looping nodes to make the sounds feel organic.


to make the knights ai i copied the player pawn and changed the mesh i then deleted all the input nodes so they don’t follow my character when i click. i added a pawn sensing

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 19.11.17.pngi then added in the blue print for capturing the player when the knight hits the player a sound will play and the level will start again


then to make the knights move from point to point i ha to make a custom event and the begin of the game the event will play

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 19.11.37.png

this event goes in to a true false node that determines if the player is in view if the player is the knight will chase him if he isn’t the knight will move from point to point which are target points in the world.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 19.11.58.png

if the player is in view the knight will run after them until captured or the player isn’t in view once any of these events or done the knight will go back to patrolling.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 19.23.31.png

with level 2 i had to cast each overlap event to the character so the knights wouldn’t trigger the camera begin of the game the camera is switched to the 1st camera and opens up the player hud.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 19.26.53.png

to enter the kitchen you need to find the chefs hat which is basically a key however this hat makes the chef talk in the way of widgets if you don’t have the hat he tells you to go away if you do you get teleported to the kitchen

when you reach the end of the level you get a message then sent back to the main menu.Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 19.27.01.png



i enjoyed making this game and making the narrative to go with it i had lots of ideas for making this a fun game to play however due to illness i missed a few weeks i had to shorten my project to make it easier for the deadline. during this project i learnt a lot of new things such as using the top down, camera changing, key system and building AI can spot you. i would of liked to make more levels but due to time and my time off i couldn’t i managed to make 2 levels but then game doesn’t really have much of an ending. if i was to do this again i would hopefully not have so much time off as well as making levels shorter adding speak and dialog to move the story along as well i had to rush the last few parts to reach the deadline if i was to do it again i would of made a list of jobs that needed to be done and ticked them off as i went along.


Sound bank

To get my sounds i went out and recorded some sounds around the college, i then used logic pro x to edit them.

for most my sounds i used the equaliser to remove most the back ground sound.

Capture sound. will be played when he is captured by guards (made by word of mouth)

creeks 1,2 and 3 used for doors and random sounds (made by leaning on a chair)

lockpick. sound plays at the beginning when you leave your cell (made by jiggling keys)

mouse/mice sound played in the dungeon and kitchen (made by using my mouth)

snoors sound plays on the 1st level when you walk near the sleeping guard. (made by word of mouth)

water drops sound plays as random sounds in the dungeon (made by dripping water on to the floor)

Wind sound plays in both dungeon and castle levels (made by recording the wind)


i have 2 music tracks that i made using the logic pro instruments i had a bit of help setting the tone and beat unfortunately i wasn’t able to use these soundtracks in my final graphic narrative.

Castle- this piece of music was going to be used in the 2nd level it was made to sound like a medieval band was playing at a party using instruments such as lute, harp and flutes.

dungeon- this piece was going to be played on the 1st level i took inspiration from games like skyrim and fable where they have a slow chant in them.